In 2006, Junho, a member of veritable kpop boy group 2PM, competed against 6500 people to come first place in a survivor-like talent competition. With that competitive spirit, he has gone on to feats of achievement, that now include his first solo EP called “Canvas.”

The 2PM boy group member released two singles “Instant Love” and “Canvas from the EP”. Both singles are in a fused-elemental urban-contemporary RnB style, with electronic vibes.

For most kpop idols, breaking free of group members to release any solo project, is in of itself a major achievement. But, Junho has repeatedly done so, and gone on to several personal achievements both in and out of the entertainment world.

Junho obtained his bachelors’ degree from Howon University, and is now enrolled at Sejong University for a masters in cinematography. In entertainment, he’s starred in movies and dramas, and has released 5 Japanese EPs.

Actually, Canvas is not Junho’s first solo Korean album. He released a solo full length album in September of 2015. Canvas is his 1st Korean EP.

Junho in his 11 years career has shown great tenacity, drive, and focus, to truly be a renaissance man of the kpop industry.

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