It’s the boys of 2 PM who will be visiting Australia for a new variety show!

2 PM, a JYP Entertainment boy group will be having their variety show appearance in which Australia will be their stop. The program is entitled “Wild Beat” which from the name itself already suggests the adventure the group will be embarking on soon.

The members will be experiencing many outdoor activities which the country is popular of and getting themselves ready on wilderness exploration.

2 pm

On November 10, the photos were uploaded on their social media showing how the members are enjoying their trip in the airplane to the country. It will be the first time ever that all six members will be participating on a show which we think is something special for the fans!


2 PM celebrated their 8th anniversary on September 4 and teased for a comeback on the same day where individual photos were uploaded on their social media. On September 13, they released their sixth studio album “Gentleman’s Game” and their single “Promise (I’ll Be).”

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