2NE1’s members Dara, CL and Bom posted their letter to the fans!

This year is ending with the heartbreaking news of 2NE1’s disbandment. 2NE1 who broke records for 7 years has now officially disbanded as announced by their agency YG Entertainment. Consequently, members Dara, CL and Bom have all reached out to the fans, posting letters on their official SNS to give their thoughts on their disbandment as a group.

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CL and Dara who are the two remaining members who renewed their contract with the label have posted a letter to all the BlackJacks around the world. The letters are provided below:

CL Letter

dara letter

Previously, Dara was the first one to break her silence about 2NE1’s disbandment. She personally gave her handwritten letter to her fanclub named Parkers who then shared it on the social media for the fans to know.

A video of her giving the letter to the fans during a live show in the Philippines where she is a judge of a reality show is a proof that it is really from her.

Bom was the next one to share her feelings through her handwritten letter which was posted on her official SNS account. She has been on hiatus for a long time and has just recently became active again on the social media. Moreover, there have been also photos of her whereabouts in Korea that circulated online.

bom letter2NE1 officially disbanded on November 25. BlackJacks from all over the world used the #ThankYou2NE1 hashtag as a way of showing gratitude for the good memories they have created with the group.

2NE1 will always be one of the best girl groups in the whole world!

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