It’s been a long run for Kpop girl group 2NE1. YG Entertainment discovered 4 talented girls and trained them until they were ready for their debut way back on May 6 of 2009. Fans showed them love as the counterpart of YG’s only boy group BigBang, at the time.

2NE1 debut with their epic single “Fire” and collaborated with BigBang for their LG Electronics commercial “Lollipop.” Fans already recognized their talent and potential success in the long run.


The group stayed strong together, until they almost hit their 7th anniversary. The 4th member, and the youngest Minzy, decided on April 2016 not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment. She has now began her solo career by signing with The Music Works Entertainment, a division of CJ E&M.

Her new agency said,

“Our company decided to sign an exclusive contract with Minzy after considering it for a long time. She is an artist who has infinite potential in many aspects, so we will be supporting her activities in a wide variety of areas. We’re highly valuing not just her talent, but also her politeness and her set of values. We will not be holding back on communications and support so she can grow.”

She’ll not only be working on promotions, but also be helping to foster the label’s talents. She’s already working on training an idol group that’s to debut early next year.”

But that did not stop Sandara Park from sharing with their fans an epic photo, in style from back in the days on her Instagram. She posted a filtered photo of herself with her signature hair style. She captioned it #7yearswith2NE1

090517~ Thank you Blackjacks 🙏❤️❤️❤️ #7YearsWith2NE1

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Blackjacks will surely miss 2NE1 performing as a complete group.

YG Entertainment has announced that 2NE1, without Minzy, will be having a comeback this summer as 3 members. CL, Bom and Sandara Park, who will continue to make their Blackjack’s happy.

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