They are real! They actually exist!! 2PM just totally brought down the house at the Prudential Center in NY/NJ on their first U.S tour. 2PM, that boy band of 6 oppas who come back ever so often, and we only see on YouTube, performed to an amped up crowd, and it was everything a fan-boy or girl would want: the ballads, the rapping, the fan service, Taecyeon, the Konglish, Taecyeon… oh sorry. So let’s find out what actually went down.

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The concert started promptly as advertised, with the boys of 2PM on stage dressed in their “Go Crazy” concept outfits, and began the show with “Without U.” The rather random outfits, has Taecyeon in all black leather, Wooyoung wore shorts and a backpack, Jun K had on some kind of bathrobe mixed with a Taekwondo gi, and Chansung had on a interesting flower outfit. The song, “Without U” came out in 2010 as part of the “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” mini-album.

2PM’s most recent comeback, “Go Crazy”, came up third on the setlist, setting the tone for the rest of the show very early. The fans ate up every minute of the performance, and then some. 2 PM was joined on stage by their backup dancers who wore white outfits with a black stripe across their chests.

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Oh so many fun singles! Because “10 Jeom Manjome 10 Jeom” or “10 Points Out of 10 Points,” their debut track came up next, and it wasn’t clear who was having more fun, 2PM or the crowd.

2PM are not just K-pop idols, they also deserve the title “artists.” They spent a significant amount of time, almost painstakingly making it clear that they wrote most of the songs they are performing on their world tour – something not many K-pop idols can say. After a couple of songs, the boys would gather on stage and take a small intermission to allow the members to talk about songwriting.

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Just as a comparison with artists from the other big three K-pop agencies, JYP artists seem to have the most control of the process. This is except for G-dragon at YG, and maybe Taeyang. In concert, it’s easy to see SM artists are very controlled by the processes: when to get off stage, what to say, what to think…. At YG concerts, the process controls a lot – but seems more from discipline rather than from “big brother.” At 2PM’s concert, as veterans and grown men, they showed a greater control of the process.

After the intermission, Taecyeon and Chansung then hopped out from behind the stage and performed a very ballady song with some rapping. Chansung would later say the name of the song translates to “saying I love you, but it’s too late,” pronounced “sara-han-da-man.” But, then the crowd started laughing, and he rejoined that it was supposed to be a sad song, and it feels a little awkward now since the crowd was laughing – but it was all in good fun.

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Taecyeon and Chansung would continue on to do a very pop sounding “Come Back to Me,” which had a female voice singing along with them, but represented as a pair of bright red lips on the screens. Somewhere in here is where it then happened!

2PM are really a jock’s type of kpop – a kind of captain of the football team kind of group. Quite unlike say B2ST who sometimes look like they are the debate team, while B.A.P. are the delinquent bad boys from across the rails – who skip class. So what do jocks do when they just come off the football field? Well, let’s just say the fan service came early for the fan-girls… and so inclined.

And it wasn’t just the captain and co-captain who literarily ripped off their shirts, but the entire football team – as in even the backup dancers joined in. Definitely a first.

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The stage design was beautifully and thoughtfully done. Without a lot of clutter, it had platforms of different sizes, with the tallest at the edge of the stage and balconies at the top. All platforms where covered in video screens. So the set looked like a 3-dimensional flat screen TV. During each song, the motifs shown on each screen gave each song a color theme.

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After, Taecyeon and Chansung left the stage from performing “come back to me, the tv screen gave the crowd a light show of glowing stars in a dark sky.

Not long after this, the boys of 2PM lined up on stage and introduced themselves, beginning with Nichkhun, Chansung, Hyunsung, Wooyoung, Chunseon, and Taecyeon.

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Not long after the introductions, came “Put Your Hands Up,” along with all the energy and excitement that accompanies the song.

The moment of duos continued when up went K and W, as in Jun K. and Wooyoung, the hip-hop bros, to the top of the stage, for a super charged “Superman”. The song, written by the duo, was released in the bonus CD release of the “Go Crazy” album, which is 2PM’s fourth studio release.

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A little skit with a lady having a little too much fun with members of 2PM in a club, with heavy EDM beats played out on the screen and quickly segued into “Sexy Lady”. “I’m your man” then followed, and up next was the ethereal sounding “A.D.T.O.Y.” with its expansive beats. To which the boys used chairs as props.

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Apparently due to a power outage, the guys began an extended intermission and talked more about their songwriting skills. Then Taecyeon did something you don’t see everyday at a concert.

He started out saying he wanted to sing a song that was significant to the United States. The band had earlier said that in China they sang a song called “Little Apple” (or something like that). Without much further ado, Taec started singing … “Twinkle , “Twinkle Little Star….” And would you know it, the crowd joined right in and finished it for him.

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“Taec are you ready…. “ Nichkhun asked. “I was born ready,” Taec replied so spontaneously that the crowd burst into laughter. The words came out so quickly from him, it might just be fact.

Before 2PM performed “Are We There,” they took a breather. They didn’t leave the stage, they just stood there in their dashing black Napoleon-esque uniforms with gold buttons and red trimmings, and talked to the crowd, as well as made fun of Wooyoung’s English. When “Are We There” started, it was clear why they needed to rest first. The choreography is intense.

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After the boys performed “Game Over,” with a phalanx of white shields, they exited the stage and the words “Game Over” remained on the screen in huge letters and the arena remained darkened.

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The crowd began to chant, 2PM, 2PM, … it was already the second time the crowd had chanted for their beloved 2PM.

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As chanting changed to clapping, the screen shot began to change between “Go Crazy” and “Game Over”. Then a battery life-bar appeared over Go Crazy and flashed “Scream.” That’s all that was needed to prod the fans into a screaming frenzy that filled the life-bar on the screen.

2PM came out dressed in custom “Go Crazy” tour white-tees (that fans wanted so much to buy afterwards – but there was no merch sale!), with two of the guys coming out of the ground, and gave and encore performance that included another rendition of both “Go Crazy” and “Put Your Hands Up”.

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After the music was done playing and the lights came up, and all fan service was done with – including throwing sweat soaked t-shirts and towels in the crowd, 2PM lingered on stage. They all promised to comeback soon.

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2PM continued on to Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Please come back again.

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