YesStyle always has the latest and greatest appropriately themed fast-fashion items, many on sale. Here’s some of our fav new outfits.


YesStyle – chuu – Beribboned Gingham Linen Blend A-Line Sundress

Perfect for summer in so many ways, this black-and-white colored gingham dress is made of cotton and linen. It has a really cute large ribbon at the back, which stylishly complements the bare-back, without being too revealing. It’s currently priced at $46.50.


Little Bean – Plain Spaghetti Strap Top

This comfy-looking top is made of cotton, and is sort of a t-shirt with shoulder straps. It comes in three colors, yellow, white and black. Perfectly suited for summer, the top is not tight fitting, and fits loosely around the shoulders. It’s currently priced at $9.52.


Little Bean – Sleeveless Cat A-Line Dress

This is a one-of-kind outfit that’s meant to highlight uniqueness and fun. It’s made of a synthetic fiber blend, and is currently priced at $13.52.

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