Girl group 4minute has been receiving a lot of attention on several social media outlets these past few days, since rumors of the group’s disbandment started spreading. 4minute’s agency, Cube Entertainment, officially stated that only member HyunA has renewed her contract and the rest of the 4 members were still undecided on whether or not to stay with the record label they’ve been with for the past 7 years.

A final decision has been reached and 4minute has officially been disbanded, with HyunA staying with Cube and members Jihyun, Gayoon, Jihyun, and Sohyun leaving the agency.



This week on June 16, Cube Entertainment broke their silence and released a statement: “Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun’s contracts expired on June 14. All four of the members deliberated for a long time on whether or not they wanted to renew their contracts. Ultimately, they decided not to renew and subsequently left Cube Entertainment.

“[The members] have made a lot of memories and formed a strong bond over the last seven years as 4minute. While it’s unfortunate that 4minute has come to an end, we give the four members our blessings as they embark on this new journey. We ask that you continue to give the four members the same love and support as always.” [translation credit: Soompi]



4minute debuted in June 2009 with the song “Hot Issue”, which became one of the most played hit songs of the year in 2009 and quickly launched them to girl group fame. 4minute continued to rise in popularity with a streak of songs and a consistent sound, with “Huh (Hit Your Heart)”, “Mirror Mirror”, “Heart to Heart”, and “Volume Up”. 4minute’s last songs together were “Crazy” and “Hate”, and the group lasted for 7 years before coming to an end this month on June 2016.


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