It’s been a great 7 year run for Kpop girl group 4minute, leaving their fans heartbroken after their agency Cube Entertainment released a statement confirming the rumors regarding their disbandment.
On June 18th, former leader Jihyun looked back on their 7 year anniversary as a group since their debut stage, and posted on her Instagram account with the caption

“7 years ago today… I was so @nervous… and I was so very young then~~ Haha time flies.. ^^ Good day..!”

The photo was posted two days after the group’s disbandment statement. 4minute is known for their hit songs, “ Hot Issue”, “Crazy”, “Hate” and “What’s Your Name”.

4minute official debut was on June 18, 2009 at “M! Countdown” with their hot song “Hot Issue”. Although, fans won’t be able to see 4minute perform as a group, their music will be remember forever.

2016.6.18 ..🌸

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