Let’s have a look back at 5 of his amazing live performances!

Kim Bum Soo, a popular R&B singer known for his soulful and smooth vocals will be holding a February tour soon. As such, we would like to watch his previous live performances which are definitely worth watching!

Check out the 5 of his amazing live performances below:

#1 Kim Bum Soo – Missing You

The song is apparently about a person missing someone. His way of singing here just makes you want to cry. The best time to watch this is when you’re feeling so sad due to missing somebody. His soulful singing here is already enough reason to make it our no.1.

#2 Kim Bum Soo – I Love You

The vocals here are soft and sweet. However, from mid to ending part there are some high notes that are just beautifully done. His smooth singing just makes it more appealing.

#3 Kim Bum Soo – Please

What I love in this performance is when the band jumps in for the chorus. The chorus just builds up the song and makes it the highlight of the live performance.

#4 Kim Bum Soo – 그댄 행복에 살텐데

I love his vocal runs in this live performance. As usual, Bum Soo has delivered a great performance here. Definitely worth including in this list.

#5 Kim Bum Soo – Miss You (Duet)

The song is the same as no.1 although in this performance, Bum Soo sang a duet with a girl. The two had beautiful harmonizations and I think the two’s voices complemented each other.

Did your favorite performances of Kim Bum Soo make it in our list?

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