Many K-pop singers, idols, musicians, and actors now have a presence on the same social media platforms that international fans also use – favorites like the classics Twitter and Instagram, and even the newcomers like Snapchat and Vine. Instagram is a strong contender for the #1 favorite, since it’s where K-pop stars share the most photos, snapshots, and short video clips from both their personal and professional lives with the fanbase.

Here are the seven best K-pop Instagram feeds to follow that will brighten up your days, week after week:

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#1 Jessica


insta_jessicaJessica is one of the most popular K-pop stars in the scene. Born in San Francisco in 1989 and spending her early years and childhood in California, she was chosen along with her sister, f(x)’s Krystal, to join top record label and agency SM Entertainment in 2000. She trained for 7 years and debuted as a member of the most popular girl group in the world, Girls’ Generation, in August 2007.

Although Jessica left Girls’ Generation in September 2014, and later SM Entertainment, her fans continue to support her in her many endeavors. Jessica regularly shares the latest happenings in her life on her Instagram account jessica.syj, often posting in English – and when she posts in Korean, encouraging her fans to learn the language. She made her first ever comeback as a solo artist earlier this month, with her second EP and MV for  “Wonderland”.

#2 Suzy of miss A



Suzy of miss A is one of the top stars of JYP Entertainment, joining the legendary K-pop record label back in 2009. With miss A, she launched the girl group to fame and the top of the charts with a string of hit singles, all bearing the widely loved signature sound of JYP – “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “Good-bye Baby”, “Touch”, and their latest song “Only You”.

Suzy later focused on her acting career – the first dramas she starred in, “Dream High” and “Dream High 2″, became hit shows not only in Korea but also in the international scene. Suzy landed her first big lead role in the movie, “Architecture 101”, back in 2012 – which also became a top seller at the box office. Suzy also has a series of OST tracks that she sang for several dramas, helping fans make their case for JYP to debut her as a solo artist. Suzy’s fan power on Instagram and other platforms is stunning – she has over a million followers, and when she shared Laboum’s song “Journey to Atlantis (Imagine More)” back in April, her posts instantly launched the track to the top of the online music charts in Korea.

#3 J.Y. Park aka JYP



J.Y. Park, also known as The Asiansoul and simply JYP, is the CEO and record label producer most connected with fans internationally. Back in 2010 to 2012, he debuted the Wonder Girls in the United States and worked with other singers, artists, and producers in the country – as well as setting up shop and a restaurant in New York City. JYP has also recruited a remarkable number of foreign talent in his agency – 2PM, Twice, and GOT7 all have international members. JYP also shared that he wanted to take K-pop to the next level with more foreign talent, starting with his latest ambitious endeavor titled the Big American Project.

Earlier this year in April, JYP made a solo comeback of his own with “Still Alive” – following GOT7 and DAY6’s comebacks, and shortly before the first ever comeback of Twice. He also promoted his latest EP in a more exciting way this time around – he worked with top late night show host Conan O’Brien, and “The Walking Dead” lead star Steven Yeun, showing them all the fun spots in Seoul, as well including the two of them in his awesome music video for “Fire” – starring a whole ensemble of JYP stars. Follow JYP on Instagram at asiansoul_jyp, and don’t miss out on all his exciting updates and latest projects!

#4 Yoon Mirae of MFBTY


Yoon Mirae, Queen of Korean Hip-Hop and the star of the outfit MFBTY, also has a strong presence on Instagram. Last September, Yoon Mirae dropped an awesome new single “JamCome On Baby”, collab’ing with Far East Movement – and a week later, released the English version of the song, showing that she always has the international K-pop fanbase in mind.

Stay in the loop on the Korean Hip-Hop Queen’s updates on her Instagram account yoonmirae – where she often posts what she’s doing lately on her own, with her crew MFBTYDrunken Tiger and Bizzy, with the label Feel Ghood Music, and more.

#5 G-Dragon of BIGBANG


The Instagram feed of the leader of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, was an absolutely fun experience to stay updated on over the past year or two. Starting in 2015, BIGBANG made their long-awaited comeback and dropped the singles and music videos for their “MADE” series – “Loser”,“Bae Bae”, “Bang Bang Bang”, “We Like 2 Party”, “If You”, “Sober”, “Zutter”, and finally, “Let’s Not Fall in Love”. Earlier this month, BIGBANG finally released their long-awaited third full-length album “MADE”, 8 years since their previous full album in 2008. With “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance”, BIGBANG sent a parting message to their fans before they start their mandatory military service next year. Stay updated with what G-Dragon’s up to lately through his Instagram account xxxibgdrgn.

#6 Amber of f(x)



Amber of f(x) is another fun K-pop star to follow. With a huge presence on Instagram with the name ajol_llama, her quirky and interesting updates will have you laughing and smiling when you check them during your day. Amber posts a lot of things, from her solo mini-adventures, funny pranks, and her interactions with idols not only from SM, but from all over the scene. Earlier this year in May, Amber dropped her own solo music videos for “Crossings”, “On My Own”, and “Need to Feel Needed”.

#7 Key of SHINee


Last but not least is Key, the fun, out-going, and lovable member of top SM boy group SHINee. Key, along with SHINee, made two full comebacks this year – for their fifth full album and music video “1 of 1” in October, and later its repackage “Tell Me What to Do” in November. Key regularly posts both hilarious and heartwarming photos and short videos. He also has an amazing connection with his fans – back in March 2014, Key reached out to a fan and convinced her to stop self-harming her own body, saving and changing her life for the better.

Follow them now, and don’t miss out on the moments these 7 K-pop stars share on their Instagram feeds. Stay tuned on GMM for more updates on the latest exciting happenings in the world of K-pop.

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