“When The Wind Blows” is easy breezy, like Yoona looks. But, here’s 7 things about the track that struck me.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

1. That was a really long intro – 20 seconds in all.

2. The first line is in English. So, after that really long intro, it threw me a curve, because I thought “is the song in English!?”

3. Yoona is so popular in China, SM Entertainment released a Korean and Chinese version. It’s not the first time for an SM Station single. But then, Lay from Exo who got the first and only other such treatment for his Monodrama in May of 2016, is Chinese.

4. Early in the MV, the male interest is barely holding her hand. Was it because of the theme of the song? That is, even though she’s holding on tight, he’s not reciprocating. Basically, “love don’t live here anymore” (that’s a Patty LaBelle song.)

5. The song is entirely acoustic. And, for more than half the song the only accompaniment to Yoona’s easy-breezy vocals is primarily the guitar. There is a violin or cello that comes in occasionally, adding a barely perceptible but necessary accentuation. A bass joins in for the rest of the track.

6. Even though the song is serene and calming, the MV still featured Yoona’s quirky and goofy charisma, like the finger-gun, pillow fights, and so on. She may appear and look “easy-breezy” but that’s all a beaufiful facade. Yoona’s really a goofy person. Which is why she’s such a great actress, especially in China.

7. Yoona’s still as beautiful as ever.

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