Girl group Nine Muses’ first ever sub-unit, 9Muses A, have just released the music video for “Lip 2 Lip”, today August 4 at noon Korea local time. Last August 1, the unit released the music video teaser for the new song.




9MusesA’s song “Lip 2 Lip” is the title track of their new single album, titled “Muses Diary”. In addition to “Lip 2 Lip”, the release also features the songs “Your Space”, “Shh!”, and “Monster”. 9Muses A was formed by four members of Nine Muses: Hyemi, Kyungri, Keumjo, and Sojin.




Nine Muses made their last comeback as a full group in November 2015, with their Brave Brothers-produced song “Sleepless Night”.


Watch 9MusesA’s new video for “Lip 2 Lip” here:


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