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‘Kard’ Release A Special Clip MV For “You In Me”

Like they’ve done in the past, Kard Has released a special clip MV in support of their latest comeback “You In Me.” https://youtu.be/rhFqSCJ3sS4 In addition to...

‘Kard’ Pair Up More Intimately In “You In Me” – And Stay Sonically Consistent

The 4 members of Kard in their last MVs have always sort of informally paired up, but never quite so obvious. In this latest...

‘KARD’ Present The Fans With Secret Version Of Debut Song ‘Hola Hola’

KARD's 'Hola Hola' Secret Version has been released! On August 9, KARD surprised the fans with the release of their debut song Hola Hola's secret...

Secret KARD Series Shows Off More Of K.A.R.D’s Charm

The second part to the 'Secret KARD' series came to an end today. The group wrap up filming and visit even more sites in...

‘Secret KARD’ Is Back With Ep. 6!

With the successful launch of the group's debut, KARD is back with their reality series 'Secret KARD'. This episode looked at their return to Los...

‘KARD’ Goes ‘Hola Hola’ In Official Debut MV!

KARD's 'Hola Hola' MV is now out! On July 19, K.A.R.D dropped the official music video for debut track 'Hola Hola'! The song is a...

‘K.A.R.D’ Is Set To Make The Crowd Wild In “WILD KARD” US Tour!

K.A.R.D will be making the crowd wild in their 'WILD KARD' US Tour! On July 13, SubKulture Entertainment announced the venues for K.A.R.D's US Tour....

Special ‘Secret KARD’ Dance Video Released For “Rumor”

How did I miss this?! Looks like that extra video was released from Friday, the same day as their 5th episode. In the video...

Toronto Welcomes ‘K.A.R.D’ In Secret KARD Episode 5

Episode five is out. With their journey in L.A. finished, this episode sees the group in Toronto, Canada. Episode Five K.A.R.D is at it again in...

‘Secret KARD’ By The Beach In Episode 4!

K.A.R.D spends a day at Santa Monica Pier for their forth episode! After performing in L.A., the group takes a rest enjoying the rides...




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