About Us

  • Our mission is the successful promotion of live music events.
  • We care about the success of artists, events, and the satisfaction of the fans.
  • We aspire to give ideas and provide solutions that enable outstanding artists and bands through promotion, marketing, as well as funding and sponsorship.


“We aspire to be a resource for artists, sponsors and fans; including but not limited to the areas of content generation, media production, digital marketing and creative strategy. At this nexus, we also intend to be a repository and purveyor of talent.”

– John “Johnny Goodmo”, Founder and Executive ProducerĀ 
(you can reach me directly atĀ GoodMoMusic [at] Yahoo [dot] com )


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Editors. Writers. Bloggers. Contributors. Video Editors.

Who are:

  • Considered Decent by Others
  • Driven
  • Desire to Learn and Improve

Other than the professional benefits and personal satisfaction of being a part of a global online media outlet, you may also be able to enjoy other perks sure as:

  • Your very own Lynda.com account
  • Free concert tickets and merchandise
  • Or other negotiable items

If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested, email us. Also, Your location may not be that important.