In the age of snapchat, it makes absolute sense to shoot an entire music video on a smart phone using snapchap filters. Just like Maroon 5 and frontman Adam Levine just did for their newest single “Wait.” It is the second single from their newest album, “Red Pill Blues.”

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The DIY-like video features only Adam Levine, who’s switching between all kinds of filters that change his face from cute elfish to bizarre wall-outlet shape. Some are also a bit scary, like when he switches his face with furry animals, so he looks like a werewolf. The video is totally congruent with today’s zeitgeist.

The music production is somewhere stuck between trap and EDM, which is another innovation in itself.

After over 20 years in the music business, since 1994 when they were initially called Kara’s Flowers, it’s music videos like this that keeps Maroon 5 at the forefront of music.

To highlight how low cost the production was, given some of the major productions Maroon 5 have used in the past for their music videos, Adam Levine posted about it on his Instagram.

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