Normally, the regular NMD runners from Adidas come in at least 2 colors, with a specific color assigned to the uppers, the boost mid-soles, and the rest of the soles. At times, even the three stripes get their own color. Adidas, has now released a new NMD R1 that’s all black, dubbed the “Triple Black.” The official description is actually “Core Black / Core Black / Core Black.”

Adidas NMD R1 Triple Black 4


Adidas NMD R1 Triple Black 5

With Labor Day now come-and-gone, the triple black NMD R1s are just in time for fall fashion and style, and they are immediately available at, for purchase.

And, there is a red version, too. It’s called the Solar Red NMD.

Adidas NMD R1 All red

This actually isn’t the first all black NMD R1s released by Adidas. Back in May, Adidas announced a very special Japanese themed NMD, with Japanese characters inscribed on the boost mid-soles. The inscriptions, as well as a small part of the uppers, were however in white.

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