The Boston based hip-hop-ish duo, Aer released their album on August 14, 2015. Over the past few months they’ve released some outstanding singles like “Keep You Here“, and “One a Kind” (one of my favorites) that showed their mellow style and interesting way of mixing rap and melody.
aer album 2
The dou, David and Carter, sent this heartfelt message out to their fans.

Dearest FAM,

Been a crazy 5 years, eh? Water On The Moon, The Reach, What You Need, The Bright Side, Strangers, Aer and now, our new album, One Of A Kind. We’ve relied on the Fresh Aer Movement time after time to spread the word and support. No radio, no big budgets, no smoke and mirrors, just FAM.

The power of what we’ve built together is the most amazing thing we’ve ever been a part of. Thank you for letting us live out our dreams, each and every one of you is truly One Of A Kind.

The day is here, our new album One Of A Kind is OUT NOW!


David & Carter

Aer is going to be on tour this fall with Cody Simpson and Chef’Special all.
Aer Fall 2015 tour

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