At 8 PM on September 20, YMC Entertainment announced on their Twitter page that Ailee will be officially releasing her first full length album on September 30, 2015. In the announcement, YMC says the album name is “VIVID” and they also released a teaser image.

In the image, Ailee looks extra exquisite and grown, wearing an orange-citrus shade of lipstick and eye-shadow. She also has on pink earrings that has a look of chic luxury. The background of the picture is also the same orange-citrus color.

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Ailee Teaser Image

Following the announcement, Ailee’s loyal fans, called Aileeans have taken to SNS to express their unhappiness with YMC for not releasing teaser videos for their favorite Kpop artist.



Back in late June, when “Dream T” acquired YMC Entertainment, we asked the question what it all meant for Ailee and pointed out that Dream T was sloppy when it came to social media.

It’s still a bit early to tell, but we hope Dream T and YMC are listening to her fans.
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