Guess who will be in Dallas, TX on August 28th… AILEE! The amazing talented vocalist that knows how to work a stage, Ailee, is having a show in Dallas.

ailee in dallas 2

She will be performing at the Bomb Factory on Friday August 28th at 8pm. So far only one date has been set. But tell me, wouldn’t you love to see this turn into a full tour across the US, possibly even Canada. Ailee is doing big things, considering she is a solo artist and is doing a tour at an early point in her career is still a big feat.

It would be great if Aileans can come to her support and show her how much her fellow Americans love her and would be more than happy to see her perform live. Trust me guys, I have been blessed to have seen her own a stage and demand everyone’s attention. She gives more than a 100% on the stage and she definitely makes sure her fans are enjoying themselves as much.

We know that she plans to have a comeback, and she has already released her digital single “Johnny”, which means new music. She has brought us amazing hits such as “Heaven” that we all couldn’t get out of our head, and sang along with her. “U&I” which was more upbeat and made us want to get up and dance. “I’ll show you” which once again showed us her range of her vocal ability. “Don’t touch me” “Singing Got Better” and the stunning OST she has sung in the past.

The opportunity has come to see and hear her live, I hope many Aileans will go out and show as much love as possible, so she will think about going to multiple cities in North America.

Here is the Facebook page for the event, be sure to check it out for latest updates and getting tickets.


It would be a shame to miss out on such a TALENTED ARTIST at that price! It’s an experience you should definitely try, i highly doubt you would regret it.


  1. Thank u for that nice article.i wish also Aileans in dallas will support her so she would b happy on that day.cheer for her loudly ok