It was announced yesterday June 30, 2015 that Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment had been bought by Dream Tea Entertainment. The story goes that the management of Dream T purchased a controlling stake in the company. Dream T is the agency that manages Girls Day, a 4 girl group. So what does this all mean for the solo artist, Ailee.

Ailee YMC Merger - Magazine Cover

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Some of the other artists under YMC Entertainment are Wheesung – who played a crucial role in Ailee’s career development, Jessi – who was a favorite and runner up of “UnPretty Rapster“, Shin Bora – a female solo artist who recently collaborated with Vasco from SMTM3, and Mighty Mouth – a rap duo. YMC Entertainment was founded by the trot singer Tae Jin-ah.

Since her debut, Ailee has always stood out among the YMC artists, especially more so when Wheesung left for his military service. Essentially, she’s held a preferred spot as the face of the label. And, with her three mini-albums, they’ve taken very good care of her. The only weakness in the relationship probably, is that Ailee tends to only release one music video per mini-album, even though pretty much all her songs are hits.

The other probable weakness in the relationship is the lack of live concerts. After 3 years, Ailee will be holding her first solo concert on July 4th in Seoul. Compared to many new idol groups, especially male, like B.A.P, Got7, and Topp Dogg, by their one year anniversary they were already performing several live concerts, including in Ailee’s home country, America. So, in this regard, can Dream T change all that for Ailee?

Dream T lists only Girls Day and Jevice on its website as its current artists. Jevice is a female duo made up of a former T-ara member. Which means Dream T currently has only 6 artists under management. YMC has 9 soloists and groups under management, for a total of 16 artists. So, it appears Dream T is a much smaller agency that YMC.

Girls Day - Dream T YMC Merger

Ailee is no stranger to Girls Day, as they previously collaborated on a special stage during the 2014 MAMA awards. They performed “Problem” by Ariana Grande. So, it’s safe to say that they already have a professional working relationship.

Girls Day who have been around since 2010, have a lot more music videos that Ailee. However, that’s because their agency could afford to focus on them, since it only had few artists under management. The group does not appear to have any substantial touring schedule in their past. Finally, Girls Day also have a pretty strong soloist in Minah, who recently concluded promotions for her single “I am a woman too.”

So, it’s not clear in what way Dream T’s acquisition of YMC will be of benefit to Ailee.

One thing that’s definitely lacking in Dream T is their social media game. Dream T has not updated their Twitter and Facebook since 2013. Although, Ailee was initially lacking on Twitter, she’s picked it up the past year, and YMC has a pretty good Twitter game going. Ailee and YMC do seem to be lacking on Facebook, without a clear strategy. For instance, Ailee has multiple pages and hasn’t updated her FB page since May 13. YMC doesn’t appear to have a FB page. For the international fandom, social media is crucial.

However, because an agency acquires another, doesn’t necessarily mean that the acquired agency seizes to exist. When SM Entertainment acquired Infinite‘s Woollim, there was hardly any noticeable changes. Woollim almost continues to exist as its own entity, with their separate logo, comebacks and social media activity. Even more eye-opening is that Dream T, itself is not an independent company. It operates as a subsidiary of Wellmade Yedang. Leon Entertainment (1theK) distributes Wellmade Yedang’s artists.

Ailee recently announced plans for a full length album to be released in October, 2015. Girl’s Day will release its full-length album ‘LOVE’ on July 7.