Dee 7 shows us exactly what he was bringing to the table as a member of AJ Tracey’s crew, with Radar Radio’s most recent Set Pace freestyle.

In American hip-hop, a “freestyle” is when the DJ drops a beat and the rapper goes in on it, bar-for-bar off-the-dome, continuously even as the beat changes. However, in grime and UK rap, freestyles take on a whole different meaning.

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It’s basically a situation where the beats come in the usually grime-specific 140 bpm, and the grime MC performs “one take” verses in quick succession. In this scenario, the verses are often pre-written. And, given the rapid pace of the beats, this probably makes sense. (A really good juxtaposition was when Kevin Hart rap-battled Stormzy, to a draw! Who can forget that!! PS: many believe that was the origin of Chocolate Droppa.).

Regardless of the type of freestyle, it’s still a hip-hop art form, and Dee 7 surely didn’t take any prisoners.

Grime freestyle visuals (videos) are usually not designed to be visually engaging. Instead, they often appear unedited, unadulterated and raw. Their essence, like American freestyles, is to show the capability of the rapper, uncut.

And, like in Dee 7’s fresh-cut freestyle above, sometimes it leaves the impression the track could’ve been posted on SoundCloud¬†with the same effect. But, nothing beats a visual presentation, as Stormzy’s WickedSkengMan series attests – they made him a global star!

As the case may be, lyrically, Dee 7 flows incredibly hard throughout the freestyle. At the very least, watch the from 1:30 till 2 minutes. You won’t regret it.

Dee 7’s style doesn’t sound as “aggressive” as some of the other grime MC’s like AJ Tracey, but the intensity is there twofold. His voice lends itself more to the mellow, heavily-sampled beat in the freestyle. Don’t get any wrong ideas though. His flow is still absolutely cold. If the little time snippet we gave didn’t get to you, I don’t know what else to say.

As you might’ve already figured out,¬†Set Pace is Radar Radio’s freestyle series. They feature exclusively artists with a smaller following and that they feel deserve more attention. They picked very wisely with Dee 7 and the rest of the MTP family.

Speaking of which, Dee 7 comes from the grime crew “MTP” or “My Team Paid”. They all bring fairly catchy flows with individual unique nuances to each of their styles. The most recognizable of the crew is obviously, AJ Tracey. But, among them are also the likes of Big Zuu, Ets, and Wax.

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