The adorable Soohyun and her charismatic brother Chanhyuk who make up Akdong Musician, just released teaser images for a full album, set to be released on January 3rd, 2017. The new album is called “Winter.

The teaser images are pastel toned, showing the pair together, with the backdrop of a snowy forest. This builds on their previous nature themed teasers and albums. Their last album was called “Spring“, and featured them in a lush green forest.
Akdong Musician first enthralled the Kpop world when they appeared on Kpop Star 2 in 2012, and blew away the competition with their exceptional singing, and on-stage theatrics. After winning the contest, they signed with YG Entertainment and debuted in April 2014 with their album “Play“. Chanhyuk wrote and produced all eleven songs on the album!!!

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Their next album released in May 2016, was an EP called Spring, with 6 tracks and lead singles “Re-Bye” and “How People Move”.

Akdong Musician are currently on an Asia Tour called AKMU Studios where they visited Taipei November 12. The next shows are in Singapore on December 9, and Shangai on December 22nd.


Akdong Musician of Facebook. Soohyun on Instagram and Chanhyuk on Instagram

Also check out this fun and delightful video of them in performing a guerrilla concert in the middle of Seoul.

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