Even before the music starts, there is an anticipation of the sweetness that comes with female vocalist Suhyun, and the delight of the harmonies she creates with her brother, vocalist/rapper Chanhyuk. Both make up the unique and idiosyncratic Akdong Musicians or AKMU, who have released two music videos, “Re-Bye” and “How People Move,” for their latest comeback.

akmu comeback 2

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Both “Re-Bye” and “How People Move” seem constructed like fun mini-musicals. Both videos showcase the appealing, charming and deightful charisma of AKMU and their vocals. Suhyun, continues to please her fans with her cherubic falsetto. And, Chanhyuk for his part continues to further incorporate rap into his repertoire. But, thankfully in Re-Bye, he raps a little less than in “How People Move,” enough so as to get in some engaging harmonies with his sister’s angelic voice.

Both singles are from AKMU‘s new mini-album “Spring Vol.1” and they were released on Suhyun’s birthday, May 4.

This may be Chan Hyuk’s last comeback, before he enrolls in the military for his mandatory service. Is that why the second MV is called “Re-Bye?”

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