Last month South Korean producer Peejay dropped his his first solo album Walkin’ Vol. 1 and it is a smooth, dreamy hip hop cruise from start to finish and showcases collaborations with an eclectic mix of notable name spanning the mainstream and underground.

K-pop fan who live for reading album liner notes might recognize the mysterious Peejay’s name from a handful of BigBang and 2NE1 tracks. K-hip hop aficionados will have spotted him on a number of Epik High, LeeSSang, and MC Sniper tracks. And the hardcore K-hip hop scholars should remember him from two previous partnerships: RhymeBus with rapper J-Dogg and Mind Combined with Jinbo (the Superfreak).

Most recently, Peejay has been the groovemaster behind Beenzino – both the Dali Van Picasso single and Up All Night EP owe their beats to Peejay.

So it’s no surprise that “I Get Lifted” ft. Beenzino is the headlining single off Walkin’ Vol. 1. But unlike Snoop & Khalifa, these boys are running on a substance-free high.

I Get Lifted – Peejay ft. Beenzino


The MV features Beenzino cruising around Paris with IAB Studio mates, Dongmin Shin and JunJune as they make their way to and from the SS15 Wooyoungmi fashion show – for which Beenzino and Peejay created the Up All Night EP.  (Is that Peejay is behind the camera?)

Digression: IAB Studio (“I’ve Always Been”) is Beenzino’s art collective (for lack of a better word) and the group has been responsible for some of the B’s recent cover art and music video set pieces as well as the cover art for Walkin’ Vol. 1. (Disclosure: I accidentally became an #IABStudio IG stan after Beenzino’s So What?)

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How cool, right?

어느 추운 겨울날 …. #IABstudio

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So. Cool.

Anyway, if you have a soft spot in your heart for the late, great Nujabes or get a little misty-eyed over the kind of hip hop Adult Swim used to play between commercial breaks; or if you have a wicked ear-crush on any of his collaborators (YG Entertainment producer Choice 37, rappers G2 and Keith Ape/Kid Ash, hip hop artist/producer Jinbo, and/or our old friend Beenzino) — then give Peejay’s Walkin’ Vol. 1 a listen…or seven. (I’ve had it on repeat all week.)
And even better, if you LOVE it – support the artists and go buy a copy! You can find the album in YesAsia and iTunes.

…Now how long do we have to wait for Vol 2?