New York City, Sunday, May 21, 2017 – Alexandra Reid, the main rapper and leader of girl group BP Rania, is the featured artist of the next KpopKafe installment.

Titled “KpopKafe: A PreKcon Showcase with Alex Reid (BP Rania), and Dance Party”, this summer’s KpopKafe event is happening on June 22. From 8:00 PM to midnight, Alex will be meeting fans, and performing live at the Spot Karaoke Lounge, in the heart of K-Town NYC (Koreatown in New York City).

The exciting event will comprise of:

– An intimate Meet-n-Greet for VIP ticket holders who will have the opportunity to take selfies with Alex.

– A live showcase

– A live Q&A session

– And, a kpop/khiphop themed dance party (with Alex!)

Alex Reid first came on the scene as the featured love-interest of Chris Brown in his collaboration with Jamie Foxx in “You Changed Me.” Released in May of 2015, the video has over 45 million views to date!

Not content as just being a pretty face, Alex took the “road less traveled,” by sojourning to Korea to debut as a kpop star in the girl-group Rania, as the main rapper in November of 2015.

She then stepped up her game, by becoming a leader of the group, renamed BP Rania. She’s has so far featured in three of the groups comeback’s, Demonstrate, Start A Fire, and Make Me Ah. In the process she has gained a dedicated and adoring international fan-base.

With the trail she’s blazing, it seemed only natural to have her around during #Kcon17NY, and give her fans the opportunity to meet her, greet her, take selfies, give gifts, and best of all watch her perform live on stage.

In addition, we want to sincerely thank K-Town NYC’s newest and coolest restaurant, BB.Q Chicken for sponsoring the event. And, giving a 5% discount to all ticket holders all day on June 22nd, 2017.


Alex Reid was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, and later moved to Plano, Texas in her teenage years. Alex’s musical career began when one of famed music producer L.A. Reid’s assistants discovered her on MySpace. After signing on with him in New York City and moving to Los Angeles, Alex dropped her debut single “Body to Body” back in November 2011, and followed up with a full EP, “Letters to My Ex”, in August 2012.

Alex debuted as one of Rania’s new members in November 2015, and went on to join them for the girl group’s comeback that month with “Demonstrate”. While Alex didn’t make an appearance in the music video, she joined her fellow members on the weekly music show stage in BP Rania’s “Demonstrate” TV performances.

Alex soon became the leader of the group after they reformed as BP Rania (Black Pearl Rania), and made their “Start a Fire” comeback on the stage last December. Alex got to step it up when the moment came for the bridge, and she rolled out an epic rap break for the ages, as she shook things up on her cool new ride and the scene all over.

GMM: What’s one of the coolest things you’ve done with BP Rania?

Alex Reid: The coolest thing for me was performing in Pattaya, Thailand. The entire beach was full of people. It felt like the whole city came out. I had the greatest time meeting our sweet fans who even brought me my favorite dessert to every location they found us at! Mango with rice! Thailand was gorgeous and the people were exceptionally kind. The whole experience was so unforgettable.

GMM: Describe Korea in 3 words?

Alex Reid: Beautiful, efficient, stylish.

GMM: And, if you could hold all your fans and those who have supported you on this exciting journey by the hand, what would you say to them?

Alex Reid: I love you all so much. I hope to make you proud always. Don’t be afraid to chase any dream no matter how crazy it may seem… ‘cuz look at me! How did I get here!?!!??!!!!

Don’t miss out and come join us and party this June 22, 8 PM, at the Spot Karaoke, K-Town NYC.

Now, check out Alex in November 2016 at the W Concert, taking care of business:

Also, check her out hanging with BP Rania, as they meet their fans at a fan signing event in Korea from early in 2017:

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