The U.S. beauty and fashion magazine, Allure, recently did a piece on Korean Beauty products with the help from K-Beauty startup ‘Glow Recipe‘. The article was titled “12 Amazing Korean Beauty Products That Glow Recipe‘s Founders Swear By.” Here they are with excerpts.

Blithe Vital Treatment Pulp Essence – 8 Nourishing Beans
kbeauty blithe-vital-treatment

In this k-beauty product Vitamin E microcapsules are suspended in a lightweight pulp essence made with eight peptide-, vitamin-, and antioxidant-packed legumes (think lentils, mung beans, and red beans). “It’s like a salad bar for your skin”

Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum
kbeauty blithe-pressed-serum-crystal-iceplant

This hydrating gel-serum—made up of 63 percent ice-plant extract—is like a cool drink of water for your skin. The ice plant grows in the Sahara desert (in Africa) and is great at holding moisture. Apparently, it’s good for skin that’s oily and dry, because it has a pore-shrinking effect.

Lindsay Modeling Mask
kbeauty - lindsay-modeling-mask

In Korean dermatology clinics, masks one of the most popular treatments on the menu. For this brand, serves up pre-portioned masks (with a mixing spatula included) in cups inspired by instant noodles. All you need to do is add water.

Yoon Dermaline Marine Complex Exfoliator
kbeauty - yoon-dermaline-marine-complex-exfoliator

Botanicals and deep sea water in this formula plump the skin as lactic and glycolic acids dissolve dullness. But the best part is the beyond-easy, presoaked jumbo Q-tip applicator.

Reme+G Home Peeling 3-Step Kit Aqua
kbeauty - reme-g-home-peeling-3-step-kit-aqua

Step one is an oversize swab drenched with an AHA potion that peels away dry skin; step two is a brightening serum loaded with anti-aging vitamins and niacinamide. The third—and final—step seals the deal with a coddling 15-minute hyaluronic acid and aloe vera mask. For maximum hydration, “gently pat extra serum into the skin before contouring the sheet mask to your face.”

Blithe Patting Water Pack in Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey
kbeauty - blithe-patting-water-pack-energy-yellow-citrus-honey

The instructions for this are, during your morning shower, pour half a capful of this “splash mask” into a palmful of water, and pat into your skin for 15 seconds—and your skin will look awake.

Earth’s Recipe Moisture Bound Cream
Kbeauty - earths-recipe-moisture-bound-cream

Along with aqua-peel treatments, the “aqua fill” trend is making waves in Korea for mimicking the look of dermal fillers by plumping lines with natural ingredients known for retaining water.

Do You Light Soy Milk Azulene Gel Cream

kbeauty - do-you-soy-milk-azulene-gel-cream

Though this charming jar looks like it holds a jelly made from magical translucent berries, there is no water on the moisturizer’s ingredients list. The formula isn’t diluted at all. Instead, the moisture comes from botanicals and ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Whamisa Organic Facial Mask Pack in Green Essence

kbeauty - whamisa-organic-facial-mask-pack-green-essence

In Korea, people eat nutritious sea kelp on birthdays or celebration days – Whamisa believes what you put on your skin should be as natural as what you put in your body. This is an anti-aging face mask cut from a single sheet of mineral-rich kelp.

Whamisa Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask
kbeauty - whamisa-organic-flowers-aloe-vera-fermented-hydrogel-sheet-mask

Natural fermentation is an organic girl’s best friend because “the process breaks down active ingredients like camellia, chrysanthemum, and dandelion to the smallest possible size.” The now-tinier molecules can penetrate skin better without losing effectiveness, and those eco-conscious actives no longer require added preservatives.

Leejiham Vita Propolis Ampoule
kbeauty - lee-jiham-vita-propolis-ampoule

Sometimes skin needs a radiance boost—otherwise known as kwang or mul-kwang-pi-bu (Korean for “dewy glow”). This potent ampoule contains 50 percent healing propolis, plus multivitamins and soothing witch hazel. The ampoules work like a skincare boot camp. They’re oil-free, so you can mix a drop or two into your moisturizer or foundation without changing the texture and use it every day until your skin is restored.

Shara Shara Honey Bomb
kbeauty - shara-shara-honey-bomb

When skin is at its squeaky-cleanest, it needs protection. Gently pat this honey-powered serum into face and neck with fingertips. With manuka honey, royal jelly, and propolis extract, “it can be used morning or night to replace toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Be sure to check out the original article on Allure, for more tips.

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