Korean Wave is conquering America! And it’s not K-Pop or K-Drama at the vanguard bringing Hallyu to the mainstream, but…K-Beauty?

Korean cosmetics and skincare products have been slowly gaining popularity here in the U.S. over the past few years, but it feels like slow rise has turned into a surge over the past 9-12 months. Hallyu news websites, fansites, well known beauty blogs and even mainstream women’s websites and fashion magazines are extolling the virtues of Korean skincare regimens and products – and don’t forget /r/AsianBeauty (which is blowing up). Everybody is talking about the K-skincare.

Several entrepreneurs in the U.S. have been paying attention to all this chatter: Korean “beauty box” subscription companies (Memebox, Cupidrop, MishiBox) are cropping up left and right on top of the earlier indie K-beauty retailers (Peach & Lily, SokoGlam, Wishtrend, Glow Recipe).

Korean cosmetic corporations themselves, and and a few big-business brick and mortar U.S. retailers have also caught wind of this burgeoning K-skincare craze: brands Missha and Etude House both now have U.S. retail websites, Sephora and Urban Outfitters carry TonyMoly products and a few other Korean skincare brands, and K-beauty giant Amore Pacific has infiltrated Target with its Laneige product line. (Yep, NOT French.)

Korean cosmetics are also on the rise inside Amazon.com – which is actually the first place I went hunting two years ago when I identified a Korean toner I decided I NEEDED to try *.  So I find myself occasionally scouting Amazon for other K-beauty products just to see what is out there (because their shipping rates so competitive and they already have my credit card number) and LO!

Just this week I noticed that Amazon has officially launched a Korean Beauty Subcategory inside the Beauty department!

That’s it. I’m calling it!

Korean Beauty is officially a BIG DEAL in the U.S.

korean beauty amazon 2


*Watch enough Korean dramas, you start to wonder about skincare products and rituals…you’ve all been warned! I blame their flagrant use of sheetmasks for piquing my curiosity and now it’s all spiraling out of control…also that Wonder Pore Pore Freshner pictured above has literally changed my life.