Friday March 27, 2015 | The day and moment every K-hiphop fan in Atlanta waited anxiously for. That was the day where many wishes came true, a lot of first times happened, and even checks on bucket lists could have been made.

Amoeba Culture went on a 2 state tour here in the U.S., hitting up Atlanta and New York City. NYC, as well as California, frequently receive attention from beloved K-pop/hip-hop stars. But now, Atlanta seems to be getting thrown in the mix also.

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Just a month ago, the 12 member group Topp Dogg came to the Peach state. And right after that, ATL got the experience of being able to see Amoeba Culture perform live in person. Many plunged forward with this rare opportunity of experiencing one of the best concerts of their lives, while also making long lasting memories.


Music Enkor had the concert location at a club in Duluth, Ga named Wild Bills. Everything was neatly organized, although there being 2 lines. By around 7:30, people were being let in the building and that’s when the excitement from the crowd began to build.

As I entered into the venue, I noticed how people wasted no time with getting the best standing spots as possible. Before finding a spot myself, I walked around to get a feeling of the complete atmosphere. I went towards the back of the venue to find a cute and flashy merch store with energetic workers that seemed to be enjoying themselves very much.

Once going back to the stage area, about 15 minutes before the concert started, it was obviously noticeable how much the crowd had grown and how the number was continuously increasing. Although most decided to stand up so they could get a good glimpse of their beloved stars, a few made the choice to sit at the several tables provided.

At 8:30 PM, things hit a high peak, as the lights dimmed. Supportive fans, and the organized atmosphere gave me a comfortable yet exciting feeling. I didn’t think things could get any better.

The first person to enter the stage was DJ Friz, a popular Korean dj that has featured in songs with artists such as Simon D., and Gaeko.


As he entered the stage, the main lights went out and the neon colored glow sticks in the crowd’s hands replaced it. The dj would cause fans to become super hyped. Every noise he produced with his turn tables made the crowd go wild. People began moving their light sticks to the beat of the music in what seemed to be complete unison. It almost seemed “figmental“.


After Dj Friz being on stage alone for 5 minutes, a singer well known for his hit song “Hug Me” joined him on stage. That’s the moment when everyone’s climax was reached. The crowd screamed of excitement from seeing the 22 year old Korean artist in person. It was a way different feeling than seeing him only through a screen while being 7,191 miles away. He was right there in front of all of our faces. He did a little talking inbetween his performances. He explained to the crowd how it was his first time in Atlanta, Georgia. His well attempts at speaking English made his performance even better. Throughout the time he was on the stage he was very active with fans. They don’t call him Crush for nothing, his smooth voice and dance moves made the crowd crazed.

Crush performed the songs “I Fancy You“, “Hug Me”,”Crush on You“, “A Little Bit“, and “Whatever you do“. 4 out of the 5 songs can be found on his album ‘Crush on You‘.

Amoeba3   Amoeba4

The next person to come out on stage was Zion T. The unique-voiced artist put on an amazing performance, although standing still in the center of the stage for most of the time. In the early part of his performance his microphone cut off, but he still managed to look calm, cool, and collected while figuring things out. Mr.T had very applaudable manners, he constantly bowed to the crowd after every few performances.

Zion T. performed the songs “Two Melodies” and “Babay” alone, but soon enough Crush rejoined the stage and together they sung “Just“. Everyone was pleased to hear the blended song being harmonized.



Eventually the producer well known for wearing a box face over his head made his own entrance to the stage. The song “See Through” was then performed. Unlike the other artists, Primary first started out behind his turntables.

Amoeba10         Amoeba11

Last but definitely not least to perform was Dynamic Duo. The two 30 year old men had a lot to show at the concert, considering that their debut album came out in 2004. These two popular hip-hop artist had the most time on stage. They were constantly moving, allowing the crowd to get great amounts of close up glimpses at their faces.

They performed the songs “Three Dope Boyz“, “만루홈런“,”출첵“, “BAAAM“, “죽일놈“, “고백(Go Back)“, “불꽃놀이(Fireworks)“, and “Friday Nights“. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their performance. The duo proved to have mega rapping skills.

Amoeba12         Amoeba14

Towards the very end of the show, all  5 performers came from behind stage and said their goodbyes to the full crowd. A group selfie was taken with all of the fans in the background.


As soon as the show ended, VIP ticket holders rushed to the side of the stage. There stood a long line of people waiting to meet the 5 artists. The line stood still for sometime before moving, but eventually we were told that the pictures would be taken in groups of ten. Right after that was announced, the line began moving uncontrollably fast. Groups of ten were counted out and then placed in certain areas so that everyone could be seen in the picture. Fans gave their best poses as they took their memorable picture.

It seemed as if everything that night happened in the time span of a snap, but a lot of fond experiences came to existence too. The whole concert was neat and organized and was also a safe environment. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. Maybe this Amoeba concert will influence other Korean artist to swing their way here to the ATL, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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