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BNT News recently did an interesting interview with the CEO of Lamy Cosmetics and Hansaeng Cosmetics, Park Hye-rin, where she talks about some of their products including the edible mask – Lamy Real Eating Mask.

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Here are a few excerpts:

What I pay the greatest attention to continue to grow is ‘quality.’ I think it is the most important to make cosmetics that are as good for skin as foods and restorative herb medicine, so I make endeavor to control the quality. I have worked for a pharmaceutical company with the essence of ‘treatment,’ and I think my goal and mission are ‘to make cosmetics that make healthy skin.’

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I kept thinking “Isn’t there a mask pack people can use safely?” and then it occurred to me that it would be great if I make a mask pack with foods. After a variety of attempts, we developed a mask pack made from edible rice paper and even obtained a patent on that. However, it was never easy to succeed in commercialization. We repeated failure for over three years until we finally succeeded, which made ‘Lamy Real Eating Mask.’

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We did a lot of tests with friends, executives, and employees and the effects were greater than expected. I came to be confident that it has all the elements of the mask pack that customers really want, seeing the effects immediately felt with eyes and skin. I expect it would be an ‘artwork’ beyond a simple product if many people in person use this item and love it.


…the company made Rin through a renewal, which was totally different from the previous ones. The brand was named after the ‘Rin’ part of my name, Park Hye-rin. I thought I would think of our customers more if my name is used for the brand. Thereby, the cosmetics brand called ‘Rin’ was born with the mind thinking about skin health and the tradition of Hansaeng Cosmetics.

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The word ‘lamy’ has the meaning of ‘I bloom.’ I realized that ‘cosmetics need to give health to skin’ through Hansaeng Cosmetics, and learned that ‘cosmetics need to make women beautiful’ through Lamy Cosmetics. If there was not Lamy Cosmetics, my studies on cosmetics would have never been completed.
I hope Lamy Cosmetics will maintain its young sense like those in their teens and 20s, though the company has a history of 40 years, because the beauty all women dream of is a young appearance like that of those in their 20s and 30s.

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Though time will go by continuously, I hope Lamy Cosmetics will become a cosmetics company with young ideas even after hundreds of years so that it can understand everyone who dreams of beauty. In addition, I hope everyone will become more beautiful through Lamy Cosmetics and Hansaeng Cosmetics.

Check out this video on some Lamy Cosmetics products.

Originally from BNT written by by Song Eunji
(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, Hansaeng Cosmetics, bntnews DB)

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