What could be better than Jimin, who doubles as leader and main rapper for kpop girl group AoA, in purple hair issuing out orders in her solo comeback “Hey”. Hey, the boss-babe knows what she wants!

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Sponsored by WKorea, the fashion magazine, the MV for “Hey” shows Jimin trying on different styles of outfits. There’s the extroverted purple-hair Jimin, then the refined business-like Jimin in a red blazer, there’s the short haired introverted Jimin in a large hat, and there is the urban-chic Jimin with large Bantu twists and braids. What they all seem to share is they know exactly what they want. “Do it like this,” an emphatic Jimin sings.

The pixie-voiced Jimin definitely flexes her vocals in “Hey.” Given she doesn’t get to sing at all in her group’s tracks, she takes full advantage of the lack of competition, from the rest of the AoA members, and sings to her hearts content.

The occassional rapping on the track is dope. As she puts on display her veteran skills, rapping in fast-mode, at double speed.

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The production is as multi-variate as the MV. It’s layered and complex, filled with electro-pop synths. It’s a complexity that matches the concept of the MV, and maybe Jimin herself. A complexity embodied by a female rapper with a smallish frame, a feline demeanor, and a voice not far off from juvenile. Notwithstanding all that, she’s still a rapper.

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