Girl Group ‘AOA’ released the music video for their newest album’s title tracks, “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing” on January 2, KST. For the fans who’ve been waiting anxiously for AOA’s comeback, this album is a fantastic treat that features double title songs, which doubles the excitement!

excuseme_aoaThe music video for “Excuse Me” shows AOA members as detectives trying to find their target. The music video is in sync with the retro pop genre of the song through the lovely retro fashion of the members.aoa_comeback11

aoa_comeback13aoa_comeback6aoa_comeback1The other title track, “Bing Bing” is a pop dance song with a more trendy sound than the retro feel of “Excuse Me.” In the MV for “Bing Bing,” members of AOA become magicians and puts on a fantastic magic show to steal our hearts!

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