Girl group AOA have been releasing photos of their upcoming concept and image teasers for each member over the past week. The next release is their 4th mini album “Good Luck”, which is scheduled for release on May 16, with two different editions: “Week” and “Weekend”. AOA’s last comeback in Korea was 11 months ago, when they released the summer song “Heart Attack”. The group’s upcoming track “Good Luck” is also a summer song.


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AOA held several events and promotions in Korea earlier this year: the girl group formed the new sub-unit AOA Cream, with Hyejeong, Chanmi, and Yuna as the members. The trio released the song “Candy Jelly Baby” and promoted it for several weeks on Korean music shows. Jimin followed up with her solo debut “Call You Bae”, featuring Xiumin from EXO.




After AOA’s promotions earlier this year in Korea, the group returned to Japan to perform their 4th single and 1st original song “Give Me Love”, featuring the Japanese singer T.M. Revolution. AOA also participated in the KCON 2016 stop in Saitama, Japan, where they performed several songs from their discography, both Korean and Japanese, like “Oh Boy” and “Heart Attack”. Jimin also performed her special number “Puss” with Heize.


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