AOA will be returning as a group. The group has made several new releases in the past few months with the new sub-unit, AOA Cream, and Jimin‘s solo debut. Next month, on 20 April, they will be releasing their fourth Japanese single, and for this single they will be collaborating with the music veteran and popular singer, Takanori Nishikawa, who’s better known by his stage name TM Revolution.


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The single is titled “Give Me Love“, and is AOA’s first collaboration with a Japanese artist. Similarly, on TM Revolution’s side, this is also his first time to work with a Korean artist. The production of the single is already underway, as seen in a photo the two artists took together that gives a hint on what direction and concept they’re planning to take and have in mind with this single. The leader of AOA, Choa, also said she was happy to learn about the opportunity because she happens to listen to his music.




AOA debuted in Japan in October 2014 with a Japanese remake of their hit song “Miniskirt” as their first single. They later released two more singles in Japan, which were remakes of their Korean hits “Like a Cat” and “Heart Attack”, and their first original album track “Oh Boy” from their first Japanese full studio album “Ace of Angels”. This single is their first original A-side track from a single for the Japanese market. The group also plans to hold concerts in Japan soon, with the details to be announced.


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