2015 year has definitely had more than a normal share of solo-debuts, and it seems the last of the bunch is going to be AoA’s ChoA. The blonde lass has released on this day her ‘Flame’.

AOA-choa flame 4

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

The song is a hodgepodge of beats and melodies, and Choa’s vocals are filled with emotion as they make their way around the network of sounds. The song is a collaboration between composer Kim Do Hoon and producer PJ, which probably explains the fruit-salad-y production of the song. Also, the song is a remake of the original sung by Jang Hye Jin in 2006.

AOA-choa flame 3

“Flame” definitely has some accentuated moments, like the violins, which you’ll only begin to notice after more than one listen, and then it begins to grow on you. Listen to this song more than once, to get it.

aoa Choa debut

Also, visually Cho A really went deep here. Her more subdued look than her AoA regular look, as well as her expressive eyes really carries the heartfelt vibe of the song.

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