Apink, the 6 membered group known for popular songs such as ‘No, No, No‘ and ‘Mr.Chu‘, has made another comeback with another hit song.

On, July 15, 2015 Apink released a video to their new song ‘Remember‘. The setting of the video is on the beach and on a boat. The lyrics reflect on the setting by talking about their first and fresh memories of meeting on sand with the sun shining on them.

As the song goes on they begin to talk about how their relationship isn’t as exciting as it once was and how they want to live how they did in their past memories. The video ended with a close up view of each member on the boat.

The song, over all is very nice and soothing. It makes you want to make nice memories of your own. Each of the girls wore blue contacts giving them more of an Westernized look, which may remind some of Red Velvet’s all blonde concept. Apink seems to be on a good start with their comeback.