Girl group Apink made a lovely December comeback with “Cause You’re My Star” MV on December 14.

apink_comebackThe MV was released through YouTube and various Apink SNS channels. Apink’s new album “Dear” is the first special album that the group is releasing since their debut 6 years a go.

According to the members, “Dear” is an album prepared as a present for their fans. Besides the title song, “Cause You’re My Star,” the rest of the album tracks come from Apink’s greatest hits voted by fans last October.

The title track “Cause You’re My Star” was created by the producing team of “Mr. Chu!” The song has a soft melody mixed with a fast tempo hip-pop beat. The song is all about Apink asking their fans to remain as their shining “stars” forever!

apink_dear_comebackIn the MV, all members of the Apink are look lovely and cheerful as ever as they prepare for the holiday festivities. The pastel tone of the MV stays true to Apink’s cute and fair-like concept. The grand finale of the music video features the members having a jolly time with a pillow fight!

Don’t miss out on Apink’s precious “Cause You’re My Star” MV

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