DSP girl group April released the music video for their title track “Tinker Bell”, off their second mini album “Spring”. The making-of video of the music video and their showcase performance of “Tinker Bell” were also uploaded on the group’s YouTube channel. An image teaser for April’s comeback was released last week, before the preview of the new tracks on their album and the teaser of their music video.


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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link



April announced their month’s end comeback early this month. In addition to “Tinker Bell”, their second mini album features the new songs “Wake Up”, “M.F.B.F (My Future Boyfriend)”, “Open Your Eyes”, and “Jelly”.




April debuted in August 2015 under DSP Media, the record label of Kara and Rainbow. Their first mini album “Dreaming” featured “Dream Candy” as the title track. The group followed up with “Boing Boing”, title track “Muah!”, three months later in November, and returned soon, less than a month later, with special album “Snowman”. April made their comeback two days after Twice and Lovelyz, and will be followed by IOI’s debut this May.


Watch the music video for “Tinker Bell” below:


Watch the making-of:


Watch the showcase:


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