In two previous editions of New Music Mondays (here and here) we featured the fresh beats and music of Serbian rapper and producer MGgost. And, we reached out to him of for a little Q&A.

GMM: Tell us about your name? Initially, I thought it was MC gost. What does MG mean?
MGgost: It is MG as Milorad Grubor, and ‘Gost’ means guest in my native language.

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GMM: What inspires your music, and was there a special reason you chose that style of hiphop?
MGgost: I was always cached by jazzy vibes & soul, funk, soundz of 60′ & 70′ overall. So that’s why I 100% walk through landscape of those soundz when I make my songs…

GMM: Can you tell us about the song Dreamchaser? What inspired the song and is there a personal story behind it?
MGgost: On Dream Chaser track I played with live jazzy moments & BoomBap characteritcs while I was making instrumental & got what I got here. And, the great Jack Jones aka Audessey wrote text with name Dream Chaser, inspired my music so that’s whats up…

GMM: Your new album, ‘Waking Walking’ has a very distinct concept. Can you tell us about it?
MGgost: On my Wakin Walk LP the concept is to include all those worthies I mention below: soul, consciousness, intelligence in making art, esthetic,& responsibility of taking actions through the rise of life overall.

GMM: Why did you become an artist?
MGgost: I started to make music cause I feel deep in my soul that I feel it more then anything & just had to try to make sumtin my way…

GMM: And, what do you think is the most important quality in an artist?
MGgost: The most important quality in artist is soul as creative main force & possibility of rite perception of music as right listenin, also sense for esthetic overall.

GMM: What message would you like the song/album to convey to new fans
MGgost: That’s (above) what I want to share with people & then I feel happy 100% ;-))

Listen to MGgost new LP as well as the single Dream Chaser:


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