Today June 27, boy group ASTRO released the second teaser for their upcoming music video for “Breathless”. This time, the boys are in a freezer in the midst of bottles of soft drinks, shaking from the cold. The teaser also features another glimpse of girl group I.O.I. member Choi Yoojung.



Yoojung is seen enjoying the cooler feel and crawling along, looking like she’s chasing the boys or playing hide and seek. Another co-star, a cute duck, is also seen staying inside the freezer. ASTRO have been keeping their fans puzzled about the full music video, especially more so with their new video featuring the I.O.I. member drinking a lot of “ASTRO cola” while relaxing on the beach.

The song “Breathless” has an electro-dance pop melody that will surely be loved by the listeners. Towards the end of the music video teaser, ASTRO are seen jumping back in surprise.


ASTRO will be making their comeback this week, Friday July 1, with their second mini album titled
“Summer Vibes”, featuring “Breathless” as the title track. ASTRO released both the first music video, together with the track list of “Summer Vibes”, last week. Fans are excited to see the full music video of Astro’s summer comeback and also listen to the song.


Watch the second teaser of Astro’s upcoming video for “Breathless” here:


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