Mobile Mix 1


AT&T and ISAtv have launched The Mobile Mix, a boundary-breaking digital project. In cities miles apart, two popular Asian American artists will use AT&T mobile technology to connect in the ultimate creative collaboration. Fans from across the nation interact through social media and influence artistic choices. Combining powerful technology with the unstoppable force of social media, DJ Ken Loi and singer-songwriter Kina Kasuya Grannis are blending their unique sounds into a fresh remix. Now, you and your readers are invited to be part of the creative process.

Jump in the mix at, where you can:

  • Vote on your favorite beats to be used by Ken and Kina
  • Check out more from the featured artists

#TheMobileMix is a revolutionary approach to the creative process. AT&T is proud to partner with ISAtv, created by WongFu Productions and Far East Movement. Learn more about Ken, Kina, ISAtv, and watch the call-out video at The Mobile Mix is part of our continued efforts to support Asian American artists by providing technology that connects music around the world.