So, Comic Con San Diego was amazing this year, with over 130,000 expected to have attended. The three day event, from July 9 – 12, 2015 brought Anime and cosplay fans from far and wide to the San Diego Convention Center. Below, are some of the awesome female outfits from the event, via Refinery29.

Name: Al Lu
Profession: Student
Costume: Emma Frost from X-Men

Comic Kcon Cosplay 19

What do you think makes for a strong female character/superhero?
“What makes a strong character is just being yourself, male or female. I’m glad more females are getting into cosplay. I’m a gamer, and I’m noticing a significant increase in women players and women characters. My favorite makers, Supercell, have female characters as their strongest troops. Cosplay is changing, and women are taking over!”

Name: Jess Lee
Profession: CEO of Polyvore
Costume: Suu from the manga Clover

Comic Kcon Cosplay 15

Tell us about your connection with Suu.
“I’m a big fan of CLAMP, the group of artists that drew this manga. They often create cyberpunk or fantasy worlds and do beautiful character design. Suu has been locked up in isolation because her powers are dangerous. She escapes with the help of Kazuhiko, the character my husband is cosplaying. Unfortunately, the manga was never finished, so we have no idea what becomes of her character.”

Does cosplaying make you feel more confident and/or empowered?
“Cons make me feel a sense of belonging. Even though I might not be dressed as myself, I feel more like myself because I can fully geek out and be myself. Con-goers are a super-friendly and accepting community.”

What’s your craziest Comic-Con memory?
“Camping out in line overnight for 16 hours to get into the Marvel panel at Hall H. It’s like a sleepover with 7,000 of your closest friends. We made new friends and bonded over our shared love of Joss Whedon and the shared misery of being in line for so long.”

Name: Dorasae Rosario
Profession: Student
Costume: Static Shock

Comic Kcon Cosplay 4

Tell us about your costume.
“Static Shock is one of my favorite comic characters of my childhood. Watching his cartoon show and reading the comics was so inspiring because he was one of the few black superheroes I knew. So I wanted to show my love for him — even if I made a female version — and support the character that inspired me as a kid.”

Names: Nicole DeLoach (left) and Morgan Pratt
Profession: Entertainment-company owners
Costumes: Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s stepmother (left), and Cruella de Vil

Comic Kcon Cosplay 18

What’s the story behind your costumes?
DeLoach: “As far as villains go, in my mind she’s one of the most evil, because unlike other characters, she’s completely human. Her villainy stems from pure, unadulterated self-centeredness and hate.”

Name: Shannon Kiang
Profession: Student
Costume: Mulan

Comic Kcon Cosplay 2

What do you think makes for a strong female character/superhero?
“Hollywood seems to take the ‘strong’ identifier a bit too literally and has come out with a slew of one-dimensional warrior ladies and femmes fatales. That’s all well and good, but it’s also kind of boring. I think viewers are smart enough to be able to tell when a female character is shoehorned into a story purely for the sake of providing some eye candy or being a throwaway romantic interest, instead of actually furthering the plot.”

Why did you pick Mulan?
“I chose to cosplay Mulan because she’s one of my favorite Disney princesses and because we share a cultural heritage. Mulan is also a prime example of a strong female character: She saved China and brought honor to us all! She is strong in the literal sense (i.e. being a kickass soldier), but she also demonstrates tremendous fortitude, intelligence, and responsibility when she is off the battlefield.”

Here are a few others:

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