Collabing with local talent SOS (Secrecy over Supremacy), Ayo has delivered once again with bouncing new track ‘Abu Dabbin’.

On top of a beat that leaves you with little choice but to bob your head, Ayo delivers the catchy chorus, before members of SOS each present their sick individual styles during vibey verses.

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I’m dabbin out in Abu Dhabi, I’m dabbin out in Abu Dhabi. I’m dabbin out in Dubaiiii, and you know that I’m fly.’

The visuals for the track feature a conference call between the parties as Ayo and SOS showcase the raw beauty and lavish lifestyle in Abu Dhabi. Deserts, mansions, Bentleys and boats. What more could you want?

We all love a dab here and there, and this track provides not only an excuse to throw a few, but also the chance to listen to one of the grime scenes biggest up and coming talents.

Be warned in advance, this tune is genuinely addictive.

Check out Abu Dabbin here:

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