Girl group project I.B.I have officially made their debut. Today August 18, I.B.I released the music video for their debut track “Molae Molae”.




After Mnet’s idol reality show “Produce 101” ended, fans of the show formed their own dream team lineup of five of the girls who didn’t make the cut as one of the 11 finalists who eventually debuted as girl group I.O.I.

I.B.I is a project girl group produced by LOEN Entertainment, the record label of History, IU, Sunny Hill, and many other artists. After hearing of the fan lineup, LOEN set out to make the girl group happen, and got the five members together last July to prepare for the debut.




The five-member girl group project I.B.I includes: 12th placer Han Hyeri from Star Empire. 13th placer Lee Soohyun, 15th placer Kim Sohee from Music Works, 16th placer Yoon Chaekyung from DSP Media, and 17th placer Lee Haein. I.B.I is the English abbreviation of the Korean word “il-ban-in”, meaning “ordinary person”.


Watch I.B.I’s debut music video for “Molae Molae” here:


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