Boy group B.A.P is back. This week on August 8, B.A.P released the music video for “That’s My Jam”, the title track of their new single album “Put ‘Em Up”. B.A.P released the album’s cover image last week.


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The song “That’s My Jam” is an energetic, upbeat, and really fun track, that leaves room for all 6 members of B.A.P to shine with their vocals and rapping.

The music video for “That’s My Jam” notably shows the members make their own parody of several American TV shows, like “The Tonight Show” and “National Geographic”. The members also add in some throwback moments, recalling B.A.P’s earlier music videos, like “Where Are You?” and“One Shot”.




B.A.P first performed “That’s My Jam” during their concerts last week from August 6 to 7. B.A.P will not be promoting their new track on music shows this time, but will promote their new single album “Put ‘Em Up” through fan signings and fan meetings.

B.A.P made their last comeback this year, with their fifth mini album “Carnival”, title track “Feel So Good”, that the group released last February.


Watch B.A.P’s new video for “That’s My Jam” here:


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