For a minute there B.A.P had something of a lapse in musical judgement, and decided that they wanted to move away from what had made them famous and popular and try something else. They thought they could move away from hip-hop, and start doing Euro-pop.

Why? Who knows. Maybe trying to avoid the stigma and defensive positions that many Kpop idols have had to maintain, especially when their mainstay is inspired by hip-hop. Sometimes associating yourself with black culture, without understanding its background and history, is just a recipe for disaster. No need to rehash the past, here.

Anyways, so badly did B.A.P think they could just abandon hiphop, in their last single they wore fake mullets. Some, multi-colored like unicorns. Well, they tried it, and it was an amazing flop.


To make matters worse, the group who took their spot during their unfortunate dispute with their agency, BTS, have ridden the hiphop wave to become world-famous.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new. You live and you learn. B.A.P has learned and they’ve returned to their roots with “Hands Up.”

The beats is dope, really dope. But, the rapping and vocals is just okay. The choreography is pretty cool. Basically, they’re out of practice, a bit, so we understand. They need to keep it coming, to get back to that adrenaline filled, heart pounding B.A.P we used to know.

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