B2ST, just concluded their first fan meet in China on April 25th. And, on May 30 they are planning to host a full concert in Hong Kong. But, not since 2013 has B2ST performed in the United States.

The ‘B2ST Fan Meeting in Shanghai’ in China was attended by about 4,000 fans. During the 90 minute event they performed ‘Good Luck’, ’12:30am’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Fiction’, and ‘On a Rainy Day’. The boys planned out special fan-activities, and invited many fans on stage. Yang Yo Sub and Son Dong Woon sang some songs in Chinese.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Since their debut six years ago, it was their first time promoting in China, and the boys said, “We were so happy to meet the fans through the first fan meeting in China. It was meaningful since we could communicate with them in closer distances. We are planning for the activities in China, so please send us lots of love and support.”

Continuing on with their promotion, they B2ST will be holding a concert in Hong Kong on May 30 at the Hong Kong Asia World Arena. The news is generating a lot of wave, because B2ST has not performed in Hong Kong since 2013. About 8000 fans are expected at the event. In an interview with the Hong Kong press they boys said “It’s always a big pleasure to hold a concert and have good time with fans. We are also very excited and can’t wait for the next one in Hong Kong”.

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With all these exciting activities in Asia, will they extend their tour to North America?

B2ST has had a long relationship with their American fans. Beginning in 2010, The American R&B singer Omarion performed a special joint stage with the boys during his tour of Korea. The news was greeted with much excitement in the U.S.A. They came together after Omarion saw a video of the boys dancing to his single “Ice Box” during one their showcases.

Then in October of 2011, the six member boy band performed in New Jersey at the KBS NY/NJ Chuseok Festival, and then later the same week at MTV’s United Cube in NYC. They also performed at the Korea Times music festival the summer of that year on May 1.

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B2ST announced in late 2011 that they would embark on a 21 city world tour that included New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, the tour was cut short to a 10 city tour, and the North Amerucan dates were canceled.

In 2012, B2ST was widey considered to be one of the K-pop groups most likely to break into the U.S. That same year they performed at MBC Korean Wave concert at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA, and also at Billboard’s K-Pop Masters Concert in Las Vegas.

Also in 2012, in July, the boys filmed the music video of their comeback single “Beautiful Night” in New York City. The video was very successful, with more than 32 million views to date. The concept of the video, thematic of urban and American hip-hop, was rather novel at the time.

B2ST performed in the United States at the SBS K-Pop Super Concert held in Los Angeles on 10 November, 2012. The last time the boys performed in the United States was at the 2013 Korea Times Music Festiva in Los Angeles.

If B2ST’s American fans want them to come back to America, then outside of a tour, KCON 2015 NY or LA is the best bet. Since its inception, B2ST have never performed at KCON.

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Finally, Jang Hyunseung will come back with his solo album on May 8 and Yoon Doojoon is playing the main role Goo Daeyoung in the drama ‘Let’s Eat 2’.

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