Solo singer Bada has released another music video. In addition to the music video she released last Monday for “Flower (Feat. Kanto)”, Bada also released a video for “Amazing”. another track from her special album “Flower”. The album contains 4 tracks in total, the other 2 being “Make a Wish” and a remix version of “Flower (Feat. Kanto)”.


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In the video for “Amazing”, Bada is strolling around and traveling the world this summer season. Viewers can see all her adventures and the places she visits through a special lens. Bada’s release of her special album “Flower” is her first album in 7 years since her 4th album, “See the Sea”, was released in 2009.

The album is also a celebration of her 20th anniversary since she debuted with S.E.S. in 1997, and is reportedly only one of three gifts she plans to give fans this month.




Bada debuted as a member of girl group S.E.S. in 1997, a trio including her and 2 other members Eugene and Shoo. S.E.S. was SM Entertainment’s first girl group and their second group overall after boy group H.O.T.

After releasing 5 full-length albums since their debut, the group disbanded in 2002, with the 2 other members also leaving SM while Bada stayed with SM until 2006. Since leaving S.E.S., Bada has released 4 full-length albums and 1 special album.


Watch Bada’s new video for “Amazing” here:


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