15&’s Baek Yerin drops her solo-comeback MV teaser for her new digital single “Bye Bye Blue”.

On June 13th, JYP Entertainment shared a teaser image of Baek Yerin for her solo comeback for this month. The teaser image was like a mystery, showing only Baek Yerin’s hair and fingers, while hiding in a chair. A couple of teaser images was also shared showing Yerin holding the stuffed character “Snoopy.”
baekyerin bye bye my blue 2
Since her debut last November 2015, fans have been waiting for another solo comeback from Baek Yerin. “Bye Bye Blue” MV teaser dropped on June 16th, and fans could hear it would be a sad song seeing Yerin’s facial expression.
baekyerin bye bye my blue
The MV teaser also captured in a gloomy setting, Baek Yerin just sitting on a floor looking at a fishbowl, standing with a sad faced guy and running in the middle of the night. Baek Yerin’s “Bye Bye Blue” set to release on June 20th

Baek Yerin on Twitter

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

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