Following the recent development and announcement by Lavar Ball, the patriarch of the Ball family, on their recent decision to pull both LiAngelo and LaMelo out of school and sign them up with a professional basketball team in Lithuania, the trio showed up in New York city at the table of the popular radio show/podcast The Breakfast Club for an in-depth interview, where they gave clarity on that decision, and also commented on some of their driving mantra as a business and family.

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On business, Lavar Ball talked a lot about the role of his brother, as a director of the Big Baller Brand. And, how his brother gives suggestions and reasons, so that he as the CEO can come to a final decision. This was in particular reference to their Facebook show, which was one of the first at the social media brand, instead of something more traditional like TV.

He said something interesting his brother says. That if he, Lavar wants to jump off a building, he (the brother) would jump with him. But, he won’t just bring one parachute. He would bring two, one for himself and the other for Lavar.

When The Breakfast Club host Charlamange asked if Lavar’s sons ever fight. Lavar, told a story of how when they were little he asked them what they would do if someone grabbed one of the brothers and took them away in a van. The brothers responded they would come get Lavar.

Lavar retorted, no. Instead of coming to get him, and risking just the life of the brother in the van, the two remaining brothers had better jump in the van with the 1st brother. Basically, saying they had a better chance of making it all out alive, if they stick together, than if they went and got help and risked losing one of them.

The interview was definitely illuminating and allowed Lavar to speak on many issues, while facing a friendly and supportive show hosts.

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