After having released their latest comeback single “I Need U,” on April 29, 2015, BTS have immediately commenced TV broadcast promotions beginning with M-Countdown.

During the M-Countdown broadcast of April 30, BTS came on stage wearing shorts and school-boy uniforms. They also showed off the choreography for their new singles “I Need U” and “Lovers High.”

The best part of the choreography in “I Need U,” occurs at the musical interludes. However, the choreography at other parts of the song look recycled and not fresh.

Also, isn’t it about time to ditch the whole school boy thing. ‘I Need U’ is a very mature song with a very mature delivery, in need of a mature look. And, shorts don’t go very well with Rapmon’s rapping.

The same can be said of “Lovers High,” except the choreography there is a little fresher.



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